Using the Fuji XT2 for Video.

Getting into video is something I've been keen on for a while, and after upgrading to the Fuji XT2 [Click for a review] I knew that I'd have a nice starting setup for shooting video and improving my skills. The XT2 can shoot in 1080 at 60p as well as 4k in 24p, I am just delving into the video side of things so I'm not all that sure on all the shooting features, but as they are for stills they are good to use and I happy with the quality they put out.

I used the second Hereford Indie Food Festival back in the summer to get some content to make my first film with, this was a great weekend of food sellers and entertainment that was the perfect testing ground for making a video.

This video is my first attempt with the Fuji system for video, and pretty much my first attempt at video ever. It was all shot on the XT2 with the 18-55mm lens [I have subsequently sold this lens as I'm planning to use the new XH1 with the prime lenses and the IBIS for most of my video stuff, when I upgrade the camera that is]

This was all edited in adobe premire so pop on the volume and take a look.

Make sure you click HD and get the volume up!

After this video I got the chance to shoot two more, one being a wedding which was a great testing ground for video and the other a project for a friend of mine who is a potter, both have taught me new skills in this field and hopefully as 2018 goes on I'll be making lots more videos and pushing that side of the business.

I'm also off to Iceland for two weeks this summer so I'll be shooting a lot of video there, I've also picked up a Gopro and a Mavic Air drone which again will be used for some pretty cool video stuff. 

Stay tuned to the blog as at the end of this year I'll be doing a much more in depth review of video work with the XT2 [And maybe the XH1 is I get one] as well as a guide to useing it for video.

If you have any questions then do please leave them below and I'll get back to you,