Here you will find all of the details and a short guide for the design of your wedding album. There are a few choices to make but if you require something that you cannot find here let me know and I'll see if it can be done.

Step 1. Choosing your photos.
-Head to your online gallery
-At the top of the page click the 'Select Photos' button
-You can then start tagging your favourites by clicking each image. [You will see a tick in the bottom left corner of the ones you have tagged]
-Choose between 60 and 80 photos, feel free to choose more but this may require extra pages being added to the album.

Step 2. Saving and sending your selection.
-Click on the 'Save Favourites' button
-This will prompt you to create an account, click 'Continue' and create an account
-After this you will be able to view and edit your favourites by in the top left corner
-Click on your favourites gallery, then in the top right corner click the grey 'Share Favourites' button and choose 'Share to Photographer'

Step 3. Designing the album
-Once I've received your favourites selection I'll get to work on the design of your album
-I'll send an email with a link to the first draft
-This will show the layout of your album with numbered photos, feel free to request any changes or alterations to the layout at this point

Step 4. Final check and ordering
-Please choose a colour for your album from the swatches below
-Once you have chosen this and given me the go ahead your order is ready to be placed
-50% payment is due when the album is ordered
-The remaining 50% is due when the album arrives with you

It usually takes about 3 weeks from the order to the album arriving with you, it will be sent to me first to ensure the print is correct and that there are no mistakes or errors. I'll then send the album onto you with an invoice for the remaining payment. If there are any problems when the album arrives with you do let me know and I'll be able to resolve them.

I hope this guide was useful in getting your album designed, and I do hope you and your loved ones enjoy your album.

10x10 Album in 'Tangerine Orange'

10x10 Album in 'Tangerine Orange'