Are you Insured? 

Yes. I am fully covered for public liability and professional indemnity, as well as having all my equipment insured. These documents can be provided if needed.

How would you define your style?

Documentary. Although there are many words to define this particular style of photography, I like to take un-posed, real, relaxed photographs of people; it’s all about capturing the real moments of joy and feeling, not setting up group shots or saying 'cheese'! To get an idea of what I do you can see my documentary wedding portfolio here.

What happens if you are ill? 

I keep myself in good shape and I’m rarely ill, but if I am completely incapacitated I will contact another photographer to come and shoot your wedding, I have good friends who are wedding photographers and I can call on them to cover for me. I will endeavour to never leave you without someone to photograph your wedding.

Do you have backup cameras? 

Yes I have backups. I wouldn’t work without them having only one camera is far too risky on a day that cannot be repeated! All my gear is backed up, I have many cameras and lenses so if one develops a fault I can grab another and keep going, as well as shooting on several memory cards during the day.

Can we have posed photos? 

While my style lends itself to the unstaged natural photos I appreciate there is a need for some more formal posed photography, I like to get these all out of the way at the same time and I stick to doing about 5 groups, and a small photo session with just me and the wedding couple if desired.

How far will you travel?

As far as you need me. Wedding coverage is up to 100 miles from Hereford without any extra charge, if you are further afield let me know and I’ll get back to you with the extra charges for travel. If you are planning a wedding outside of the UK then let me know and I can give you some ideas of the travel costs involved.

How many photos will we get?

I aim to provide my clients with 350 images from a full day of shooting, but the number will be dependant on your wedding, I endeavour to make a collection that is full enough to tell the story of the day but does not burden you with thousands of photos to go through.

What happens before our wedding? 

Upon first contact I will send you a small questionnaire, just basic information, after this we can have a face to face or Skype meeting where you can meet me, see my work and have a chat. From here I can start to build up a picture of your day and a timeline of whats happening when. I usually like to conduct a second meeting before the wedding if we can, this can always be done over email, just to finalise the last details, then a few days before the wedding I'll ring up just to confirm my arrival time.

What happens after our wedding?

  After your wedding is when the sorting, storing, editing and backing up your photos. I start with a backup of all the memory cards used that day onto my main computer, then again onto an external drive, I also keep the photos on the memory cards till I’m done that way you have 3 backups of your photos at all times. Then I’ll start sorting and editing your photos, once I’m happy with the selection I'll back these up again and then they go onto an online gallery to be stored offsite. This seems a bit overkill I know, but computers break, hard drives fail and disasters can happen, I like to minimise the risk as much as possible

After this I'll send you a link with an online gallery of your images, this usually takes up to two weeks to get your photos, from here we will work on the album [if you would like one] and then once that is printed I'll get it delivered! 

How do we book?

You can contact me here, please include the date of your wedding if you have it, from here I can send you a small questionnaire to get the ball rolling. A signed contract and 20% booking fee secures your date. After this you'll hear from me one month before the wedding to go over the fine details and possibly meet up at the venue if we can.