This form will give me all the information I need to shoot your wedding, it goes over details and timings and give me all the relevant information I will need on the day. From this I will draft up a plan for the day which I'll go over with you before the wedding to make sure it is all correct and good to go.

Fill out the form as best you can, feel free to leave anything blank which doesn't apply or which you are not sure of.

Many thanks,


Client 1:
Client 1:
Client 2:
Client 2:
Please let me know if you are planning to move house
[Get in touch separately if you have things planned for each other]
Separated parents for example
If so please put their contact below so I can get in touch with them
Around 5 to 6 is best for keeping it nice and quick, the examples below are the main shots people usually go for, if you would like to have a completely documentary wedding with no posed photos at all the leave this field blank. Please put names and family relation so; Brides Mum [Jane] for example. Also it may be worth mentioning to your close family that there won't be many group shots as some parents expect many more from a wedding day.
I'll be happy to arrange everyone with the help of the ushers
No worries at all if you can't, I'll always bring some food with me.
I find about half an hour after hair and make up are due works best
All the images are full res and unwatermarked
The blog is a short bit of writing on your wedding and what the day was like followed by about 30-50 images.
Examples are 'Rock my wedding' 'Green wedding shoes' 'The English wedding blog'
I offer many styles if you let me know what you are after I can give you a price list. If you would prefer to not have an album then just leave this field blank.
Other suppliers
Photobooths, Ice creams vans, Garden games etc.
Almost there!